Guess what! The goodies have arrived 🙂

The GPS project I will soon start working on is about to… be started :). Today the courier has finally arrived with the GPS Evaluation board and the GPS receiver module, which rocks :). Surely, there wasn’t much time to test everything, since it have only passed like 20mins since I’ve received the first pieces of the puzzle. So far, I have the GPS-08334 Evaluation board (this is actually optional, but is great – in my opinion – for starters) and the EM-406A SiRF III Receiver. I’ve ordered them from (I can totally recommend it, even if it’s 10% more expensive than other online electronic shops). Pictures were taken with my HTC HD2 (aren’t they awesome?).

IMAG0031 IMAG0033

Pieces (of the puzzle) yet to receive: the Vortex embedded board.

Just for fun, I’ve tested the module using the SiRFDemo application, and everything worked like a charm! I’ve connected the eval board to the development station (which is currently an IBM T60 laptop) using the USB connection available due to the evaluation board. For the final project, I intend to use RS232 only.

So what’s next? I’ll write my own NMEA class for the communication with the GPS receiver module (again, over RS232).

To be continued…


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