I recently came across a situation where I had to change a modal’s window border style (the style applied on the New Appointment modal in the RadScheduleView control) and ddn’t find the correct solution right away.

If you google this, the most suggestions you come across both on Telerik’s formus and on other forums as well (MSDN Forums included) is to create your own window and handle the AppointmentCreating event handler without it actually creating the appointment in the end. How do you do this? Well, remember those handful of event that, once overridden, offer you the property of .Handled on the event argument? Well, that’s how. The only problem with this is that, at least in the Q3 version, the .Handled flag doesn’t stop the old (Telerik’s) modal to be shown nd therefore you and up showing two modal – this isn’t just confusing, but awful for your user experience.

Of course, there is also the (suggested) option of marking the .Cancel flag on the event argument as true which, funny enough, works :-/. Anyway, canceling the event will end up in, you’re correct, not refreshing your UI even though you’ve probably programatically added a new appointment.Of course, there is a solution to this too: you manually refresh the control. However, this is just wrong!

called ScheduleViewDialogHostFactory which is nothing else than a container inside which you can modify the host Window as required. Here’s more on ScheduleViewDialogHostFactory: http://www.telerik.com/help/wpf/radscheduleview-features-customizing-dialog-windows.html

Hope this helps.


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