azure_search_client_library_logo-264x264I’m happy to announce that ASCL (Azure Search Client Library) has received a new update, namely 0.8.5522.36498. Using the newer version you can now enjoy suggestion algorightms without worrying about the little bugs :), use suggestions using the freshly announced ‘Suggestor’ functionality, use Tag boosting and take complete advantage of the multi-lingual support of Azure Search.

Along with this update I’ve also written two new ‘Getting started’ projects which help you better understand how to use ASCL.

Happy downloading

5 Thoughts on “Updated Azure Search Client Library

  1. Thanks for this great library, really like the syntax!
    I had a problem when calling the library multiple times in parallel.
    I posted it on stackoverflow

    • I just replied to the thread you created on Stack Overflow. Thanks for using ASCL and thanks a lot for the feedback. I will have the library updated to treat parallel calls within a couple of days.

  2. Thanks for this update.

  3. Awesome update! Keep up the good work Alex!

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