Building on the exceptional success of last year’s edition, Global Azure Bootcamp 2014 (#GlobalAzure) is a free one-day training event, taking place on the 25th of April 2015 in several venues worldwide, driven by local Microsoft Azure community enthusiasts and experts. It consists of a day of sessions and labs based on the Microsoft Azure Readiness Kit or custom content. The event has been originally designed by 5 Microsoft Azure MVPs in order to benefit the local community members and teach essential Microsoft Azure skills and know-how. While supported by several sponsors, including Microsoft, the event is completely independent and community-driven.

Global Azure Bootcamp 2014 took place in March 2014, and ran at 136 locations in 54 countries on the same day, including countries like Nepal and Mauritius – possibly the largest community event ever. Approx. 480 organizers welcomed about 5,600 attendees. The event also featured a charity lab where attendees deployed virtual machines into Azure to help analyse data for diabetes research.

This year, the attendee charity lab is planned to put that massive computing power at work supporting medical research on breast cancer by once again hosting a globally distributed lab in which attendees of the event will deploy virtual machines in Windows Azure. The lab will apply PNNL’s latest distributed mass spectrometry analysis tools (GlyQ-IQ, Published May 2014) to discover how our body’s serum protein glycosylation responds to cancer subtypes.  We want to know how the human disease response is altered based on the molecules presented on the cancer cell surfaces.  The results from this work can hopefully lead to new therapeutics that can directly target different forms of cancer with minimal side effects. To find out more about the research lab check out 

Along with other 187 locations worldwide, Global Azure Bootcamp will also take place on the 25th of April 2015 in Oradea, at Hotel Continental Hilton.

Remember, the sole reason for why we (volunteer developers, consultants, cloud architects and mainly geeks) do this is to  help technical communities and developers to get started with Microsoft Azure. Therefore, we do this simply because we believe it is a great product and we want to tell the world about it! We hope we can benefit beginner as well as experienced developers to receive the support they need in developing and deploying for and in the cloud, at the same time strengthening the Azure community at large.

In our first year we had 9000 servers rendering 3D images. In 2014 we’ve smashed that number with 17.000 cores doing diabetes research. The enthusiasm shared by people participating in this one day global event is truly fantastic!

– Maarten Balliauw, global event organizer


With the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp we can show Microsoft, as well as the market, which power hides behind communities in an impressive way. Even for global players like Microsoft itself it wouldn´t be easy to organize such an event by themselves. The community made it. And for me the unique thing about it is: there is no money involved. Speakers receive no compensation, Registration is free of charge, there are simply people that are so passionate about a certain technology, to share their knowledge with others. Anybody – same if pupil, student or professional software developer – should be able to benefit from it.

– Rainer Stropek, MVP and local event organizer, on Windows Developer Magazine, 6th of May 2013 (

The global organizers of the event are:

  • Maarten Balliauw  Microsoft Azure MVP  @maartenballiauw
  • Magnus Mårtensson  Microsoft Azure MVP @noopman
  • Mike Martin Microsoft Azure MVP @TechMike2kX
  • Alan Smith Microsoft Azure MVP  @alansmith
  • Michael Wood  Microsoft Azure MVP  @mikewo
  • Wesley Cabus @WesleyCabus
  • Martin Abbott @martinabbott

In Oradea however, you may contact me directly. If you want to find out more, visit

Last but not least, if you want to take part in this great global event, please register at

I look forward to seeing you at GAB.


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