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It has been a while since my last post and that’s because I had quite a busy summer; more specifically, besides my day-to-day job, a few trips and conference preparations for the 2015/2016 season, I also got the chance to work with O’Reilly on one of their video trainings. So in other words, I hereby kindly announce my first project as a trainer for O’Reilly Media.

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From their website:

O’Reilly Media started out as a technical writing and consulting company named O’Reilly & Associates. In 1984, we started retaining rights to manuals we created for Unix vendors. Our books were grounded in our hands-on experience with the technology, and we wrote them in a straightforward, conversational voice. We weren’t afraid to say in print that a vendor’s technology didn’t work as advertised. While our publishing program has expanded to include everything from digital photography to desktop applications to software engineering, those early principles still guide our editorial approach.

The video training I did with O’Reilly is about Azure Search and is designed as a getting started guide which covers most of its features. Throughout the course you will learn what suggestions are, how scoring profiles work, how fuzziness works, how to implement and scale the service for either more storage capacity or more queries-per-second capacity and much more. The recordings are still being finished by their video editing studio, but rest assures that I will let you know through an upcoming blog post when the training will be available on-line.


Among other things, thanks to David Giard and his show Technology And Friends which got included in the Channel9 list of shows, I’m now aired on Channel9: link here. The recording David and I did during ITCamp2015 was about Application Insights and its features; surprisingly enough, the recording already has roughly 4.5K views – I guess this doesn’t exactly make me a movie star, but is still a great thing I’m extremely proud of, especially since the video has a 5-star rating!


Also in regard to Application Insights, I’m happy to announce that during November 4th and 5th, I’ll be in Bucharest for the Microsoft Summit 2015 (they should have announced the speakers today, but I guess that will happen any time shortly); my session at Microsoft Summit this year is called ‘Know Your Customers, Know Your Apps!’ and during the session I will run a background application enhanced with usage monitoring capabilities powered by Application Insights. Cool demo alert: The app itself will run on Windows 10 Core on a RaspberryPI 2.

Last but definitely not least, I’ve also updated the blog to default to its .com domain sibling, so from now on, once you navigate on the former alexmang.ro, you will eventually find yourself clicking on alexmang.com instead. Don’t worry, nobody’s playing any phishing schema on you and alexmang.ro is not going anywhere either – both domains will keep on working, the default just got changed.

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