CloudBurst 2016

This year I was busy enough to ignore to keep the blog up to date with post- public engagements posts. Therefore, I’ve decided to start doing these DURING the events. So here I am at CloudBurst 2016, watching a great presentation on DevOps operations using Visual Studio Team Services, just a nice 30 minutes *after* my session: SQL Database From A Dev’s Perspective. For those of you in Sweden who joined my session, THANK YOU! You were a great audience – all the many and spot-on questions help make the presentation an interactive one a lot. You were such an awesome crowd!

Both for you and for those of you who missed the session, I’m hereby making the slides publicly available:

As a premier, I decided to make all my demos publicly available as well. So far, these were hosted in a VSTS account, backed by a TFVC-powered repository. Instead, starting now, I will start commiting (rather than checking-in :-)) my demo source code on GitHub, here:

Hope this helps you (especially you who’ve been asking for them in order to re-run them in-house).

Next up in my public engagements list is the one, the famous, the popular, the largest-ever Microsoft Ignite! Join me in Atlanta for a conversation on Implementing Dev and Test Environments Using Azure And Visual Studio Team Services.

See you there!

Microsoft Ignite 2016

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