So my previous configuration was this:

  • TFS 2010, running on the same machine with a WSS 3.0
  • SCVMM on the same machine
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 databases on the same machine

Almost everything was running smoothly, except for some people-picker issues that I had on the team project site permission page.

Anyway, I decided to upgrade the TFS server to TFS2012. In order to do that, I first backed-up everything, both using the backup utility that comes along with TFS and also using a mirorring RAID configuration. I did an in-place upgrade for TFS. After upgrading it, everything worked fine. However, since I didn’t like to look and feel of WSS 3.0 sites, I decided to do an in-place upgrade of SharePoint as well, and I upgraded to SharePoint Foundation 2010.

In-place upgrade worked like a charm, except for the fact that I had to manually install a prerequisite because it wouldn’t download it from the web for some perculiar reason. Once the installation was complete, I came across my first error with SharePoint 2010 Foundation, namely a very generic “server error: <help link>”. Unfortunately the help link only suggested I download the updates, so I downloaded and installed SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP1. After installing it, SharePoint services worked, but TFS no longer worked. I found out that the prerequisites installed actually installed .NET Framework 4 as well and that the applicationHost.config file was updated to use specific assemblies from .NET Framework 4 as well. Unfortunately, one of the updated entries from the applicationHost.config file was not correctly updated, meaning that the runtinme version was not mentioned to be v2.0, thus the runtime it was running on was 4.0. I had to manually correct the applicationHost.config file. Afterwards, everything worked like a charm.

This was just a short introduction of some of the problems I ran across when I updated my TFS. Today I came across another strange thing. When I create a new project collection, I apparently cannot create any SharePoint site for the project collection, and thus for any team project. Specifically, I get the following error when I create the project collection: “tf252005: Configuration of SharePoint Products failed with the following error: Server was unable to process request. —> Cannot retrieve the information for application credential key..”

Moreover, I realized that I cannot change any site collection administrators in SharePoint Central Administration either, having returned this error: “No Results matching your search were found.” (which apparently is quite common to SharePoint users).

The things you would want to check out are:

  • check if the TFSService account (whichever that is) is a farm administrator as well
  • check whether the service accounts are domain accounts, rather than local accounts
  • check whether the application pool credentials the TFS’s site collection and Central Administration run under are set to a domain account
  • check if SharePoint 2010 has set an app password (use the stsadm -o setapppassword -password [yourpasswordhere] command)
  • check if SharePoint 2010 Central Administration is configured to search the correct AD forest(s) (use the stsadm -o setproperty -pn peoplepicker-searchadforests -pv “[yourdomain],[yourusername],[yourpassword]” -url http://[yoursharepointserver] command)

I found that the solution for me was to configure the app password. Using peoplepicker-searchadforests command without running the setapppassword command returned this error “Cannot retrieve the information for application credential key”. Moreover, keep in mind to run the setapppassword command on all front web servers before doing anything else, and also keep in mind to use the same password on all front web servers.